About Us

SDFA fencers have attended college at:


University of Pennsylvania

Penn State University


Rice University

University of Michigan

Hampshire College

Case Western Reserve University

Notre Dame

CU - Boulder

Denison University

Pamona College

Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo

Creighton University - Undergrad and Med School

Lawrence University

Southwestern University

University of Denver - Undergrad and Law School

Allegheny College

University of Puget Sound 



Colorado School of Mines

University of Massachusetts

Georgia Tech

Concordia University

Metro State University



Many youth don't see themselves as athletes because traditional team sports don't suit them. They discover fencing and love the mental/physical connection. As a competitive sport, fencing provides lifelong lessons for young students to develop character, sportsmanship, strategic thinking and analysis, patience and perseverance. 


For more than 16 years we have worked with our fencers to help them find their 'home' in the world of sports. Fencing takes on an important role in their lives from elementary school through college and their adult lives. Wherever they go, they always stay in touch with their fencing friends!